Crystal Palace tickets

The change

Let’s have a look at the season 2013/2014. Crystal Palace failed to success during Premier League matches. Well, only 4 points in 11 matches… What were the consequences? Ian Holloway was forced to quit the club. Tony Pulis is the new manager. You maybe know him as an important character of Stoke City’s history. Thanks to Pulis, the players played well during the end of the season. They finished at the 11th place of the Premier League. That’s enough for having the right to play Premier League matches for the next season. Pulis was replaced by Neil Warlock at the end of 2014. He only stayed 4 months… Bad results, again. As Crystal Palace fans, you play a huge role. Support them at huge matches against Manchester United and Chelsea! You can support them to the victory!

Crystal Palace season

The only one londonian team to be placed on the south of london is ready for this season. The team wants to show how it deserve to be present in the Premier League. Indeed they began to hire some goods players. However this league turns out to be very difficult. Every teams got very good talent able to change a game. That’s why the Premier League is the best league of England. Then, as you know, Crystal Palace isin the middle of the ranking. The team has to stay focus if they don’t want to live a come back to the second division. All the next fixtures will be extremlly hard because there will be Arsenal, Leicester, Liverpool and Chelsea.

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