Tennis tickets

Tennis Tickets

A short tennis history

Tennis tickets: it is now or never to buy the best tickets! In the 12th century, tennis was played using the hand’s palm. Indeed, it’s an English adaptation of the racquet.The first implementation set at fifteen feet, then thirty, then forty; so it’s how to count points in modern tennis.

Tennis was born between 1858 and 1870. In 1858 major Harry Gem sketch something of a tennis court on the lawn of his property. He played a game quite similar to the current tennis.

Tennis has evolved, is now one of the best-know sports. The masters of this sport have become actual living legends, immortalized by statues, stages, streets… Among a lot we can also point out Björn Borg considered as the best player ever by specialists.

There are currently famous names such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic ou Stanislas Wawrinka are known for everybody. They had dominated or are dominating the tennis world and most prestigious international tournaments.

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Do you have always dreamed of seeing a live tennis match ? You have surely always wanted to see your favorite players in action, during the Wimbledom tournament, Open Australia or Roland Garros… Whether it is Grand Slam tournaments or international ones, each of them turns out to be an unprecedented game.

Floor coverings is different from a tournament to another one. As player have to adapt their movements and their game vision to the floor covering, each match is unique.  A great moment ahead …

There are many kind of playing courts : hard courts, clay courts, carpet courts and grass courts. Playing techniques depend on these courts. In fact the speed of the ball, the height of the rebund and the speed of the game depend also on them. Given the surface, the player also can ride or not. That has some huge impacts on his moves, the power and the precision of his shots.

Therefor it is hardly surprising that tennis is a great convoited, followed sport. Do not miss the chance to attend a tennis match!

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Useful Informations about Tennis :

International Federation ITF (fonded the 1st mars 1913)
Olympic Sport since 1896 à 1924 and since 1988
Clubs 38 000 (Europe)
Registered players more than 10 000 000 (Europe)
Practicing Tennis more than 26 000 000 (Europe)