Informative Guidelines for Covid-19

Event and Venue obligation during Covid-19


As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we understand you might have questions about events, venue and safety procedures, cancelations or postponements.

Fanpass customers who buy and attend events during the COVID-19 pandemic are responsible for complying with health policies and all mandatory process (e.g. wearing masks, not having an elevated temperature, presenting test or vaccination certification at the entry, etc.) as required by the event organizer.

These obligations are decided by the venue and are subject to change. If you are refused access or are dismissed from the event due to your failure to comply with these obligations, you will not receive a credit or refund for your order. 

 We also recommend you check the travel restrictions and venue requirements access. Fanpass will not be responsible if you are unable to attend this event or unable to travel due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Are there mandatory process to follow when attending an event? 

Yes : You may be required to show a negative COVID-19 test dating less than 48 hours or require proof of a full vaccine administered 14 days prior to the event. This proves would have to match with passport or ID names.

Buyers who attend events during the pandemic must comply with these requirements and will not be refunded if refused at the entry for such reasons.


Additional Information :

By attending an event, you also assume all risk of exposure to COVID-19. You may also be asked to sign a waiver of liability against the venue, artist, league or team as a condition when accessing the event/venue.

Please also note that if the event organizer relocates seats due to social distancing measures and the new seat doesn’t match what the buyer originally bought, the buyer won’t receive a refund.

Some events/venues are creating sections for “Vaccinated Fans Only” and may require proof of a full vaccine administered 14 days prior to the event. These sections can change at any time at the discretion of the venue or team. Additional health protocols may be required for entry to this venue.

Please refer to the venue website for the latest information.