Seller – How it works?

Steps to Follow to Sell Tickets

 1454952601_icon-114-lock   Create your account

Create your user account to start selling your tickets and access to thousands of buyers throughout the world! What do you have to fulfil to create your account ?

  • Your surname and First name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • A security password


icon ticket   List your tickets on sale

With Fanpass, you can sell tickets by listing them with the easiest way. After having been registered on the platform, use the interface “Sell your tickets” for a fast listing:

  • Search for your event
  • List your tickets fulfilling the information required
  • Indicate your selling price at the end of your listing
  • Indicate the collection address


icon ticket 2   Wait for your buyers!

Fanpass simplify the purchase of your tickets. After having listed them, you will just have to wait for your buyer. Once your tickets sold, you are informed instantly by email and on your user account.


icon ticket 3   Ship your tickets

Once informed of your sale, what do you have to do to ship your tickets to your buyer?

  • Confirm the sale on your user account
  • Download and print the UPS label (only for paper tickets)
  • Put your tickets in an envelope; stick your UPS label on
  • Post your envelope in a UPS drop off or let a UPS driver collect your tickets at home
  • Your tickets are sent to the buyer in total simplicity


Once your sale is validated, if you did not fulfill your banking information, an email will be send to remind you to indicate them!

icon ticket 4   Receive your payment!

You just have to wait for the payment to be done 7 days after the event.

Another way? Be paid faster by becoming a “Fanpass Trustable Seller”. Check it out here! (coming soon)


Once your sale validated, if you did not fulfilled your banking informations, an email will be send to remind you to indicate them.


Sell Tickets

Easy, Fast and Secure!