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The Bundesliga is the name given to the German professional football league. The biggest games are available on Fanpass. This championship is composed of several good teams like the Bayern Munchen or Borussia Dortmund.
But we should not forget to mention the other clubs like Schalke 04 or Bayern Leverkusen. Teams are historical clubs, either on the national and continental level.
This championship has an exceptional. That is why this league is 3rd on the European Championship. 
To summarize the history of this championship, we can note that :
  • Bayern Munich is alone in the lead in the title classification with 28 championship tittles. Fc Nuremberg is second with 9 trophies ahead of Dortmund with 8.
  • Bayern Munich legend Gerd Muller is the player with most goals with 365 goals
  • German clubs have won 7 times the Champions League and 6 times the Europa League 
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An example to follow

Bayern Munchen, this club dominate the German championship since his establishment. Historically, Bayern Munchen is a very powerful team in their championship. They have the best players in Europe. In order to attract the best players. The different club in Bundesliga have also good training centers. If we focus on their training, we note that Germany has the ability to recruit young talents. Have a look at the national team: The National Mannshaft. We can easily note that the team is composed of dozens of young players.

In short great players were playing in the national team and in the best german clubs. We can point out wonderful players who were playing only in Germany during their all carriers. For example Philipp Lahm or Thomas Muller who have been players in Bayern Munich. Historically speaking the 4-victory Mannshaft in World Cup has had among the greatest players across the world such as Oliver Kahn, Miroslav Klose or Michael Ballack. For quoting only them.
Each player in his time has left a strong memory in the club’s history. Come enjoying skills of the players and the german realism inside the Bundesliga stadiums. Now it is the turn of young players to write the story.

Do not hesitate to sell or buy your place on Fanpass on Bundesliga Tickets. Germany is a land of football and beer. That’s why all stadiums are full every week and for every game. The atmosphere is always attractive for the fan in any stadium of the country. For example there are more than 80000 supporter at the Signal Iduna Park each weeks. And there is the same thing at the Allianz Arena of Munich.

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Germany is a country where the football is a tradition. Indeed all stadiums are full each week for each game! The atmosphere is always on fire in any stadium. Whether you go to the Allianz Arena or the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, the experience will be incredible each time.

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