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The well-known german club has got some of the best world players under its belt. We can point out stars such as the captain Philipp Lahm, Arjen Robben with his legendary left foot, or the great Thomas Muller coming from the Bayern Munich’s training camp. These players, not the ones yet, are writting the club history thanks to theirs performances. Like different times with such great players like Beckenbauer or Oliver Kahn, this club remains in the best ones for half a century.

The season started

During three seasons, the club was led by Pep Guardiola. He is considered as one of the best coaches for this club.

During these three years (2013-2016), Bayern assume its status of favorite nationally speaking. Indeed we can count three championships and two national cups. However they have not managed to unhook a sixth Champions League. Now, the club is managed by Niko Kovač. Thus, Fc Bayern hopes to win another Bundesliga championship. Go buy your Fc Bayern Tickets on Fanpass to feel the pace of the Bavarian encounters. You’ll find all the club’s games. Several teams have strengthened themselves intelligently like Borussia Dortmund, Wolfsburg or Schalke 04.

Moreover, shortly after the beginning of the season the Bavarian Club lay off Carlo Ancelotti following the defeat at Parc des Princes (3-0). Fc Bayern decides to integrate Nico Kovac. He wants to bring something new and said to be ready.

The Borussia Dortmund turns out to be the most important german competitor of Bayern Munich. In fact players, skills and performances will be decisive factors to win the Bundesliga Cup, the “Schale”. Bayern Munich can count on its supporters among the most implicated ones in Bundesliga championship. They also have a lot of respect for other supporters even during the away matches. Support Bayern Munich just one match under white and red colors! tickets are waiting for you. They are selling very fast. The next matchs are coming soon.

FC Bayern tickets and Fanpass

Will FC Bayern win his sixth trophy in a row? Will he win his sixth continental title by winning the Champions League? The fans dream up these trophies, and hope many of FC Bayern and his new team. Go gather the tickets for the match of your choice. You will find your FC Bayern Tickets on Fanpass. With Fanpass, it would never has been as easy to buy or sell your ticket.