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Football history

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The Football existe since a long time ago, even from ancient times. Indee People already played with a ball. Chinese military in the 3rd century before J-C kept the form by passing the ball and juggling. Step by step the football was developing in the world. Howewer it was considered too violent. We have to wait until the mid-19th century to finally see football be codified. It was in England in 1848 where the football was born. Some of this rules were created by schools.

Nevertheless it will take over 50 years for that football is truly and completely codified. The first championship was born in England, in 1888. But the first national competition is the FA CUP challenge, in 1872. Indeed that cup still exists today and you’ll find tickets soon on Fanpass! The international football association called FIFA was born in 1904. Which will significantly expand the sport.

Football developement

First of all the principal issue of football world was the authorization of professionalism. It was difficult for the various federations to accept that sport makes a living playing football. Then this idea has also been criticized in most of Europe. However the influence of football will allow players to become professionals, in the 1920s. The first international competitions are taking place. They know a popular movement in the world.

So the first World Cup was born in 1930 . The first World Cup was composed of 13 national teams. It is a global success. And it will determine the development of football worldwide. The continents are under the control of confederation. These range manager continental club competitions and nationcompetition. Europe is UEFA which is responsible for the Champions League and the Euro. Initially it was the South American countries wich dominate world football. Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil were the best with their devastating technique. But gradually relocates football in Europe. European clubs offering quality infrastructure and a high level of training. Players were naturally attracted by Europe

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