Rugby tickets

Rugby tickets

A sport full of values

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Rugby can be played in many different ways. The principal feature is the number of players. Teams can have 5 to 15 players! The most representative type of rugby is 15 players by team. The Olympic Games in 2016 welcomed rugby with 7 players. Like many sports, teams with women are more and more popular. Most of the population thought that rugby was only for men. Mentalities are changing in the good way!

Leading nations throughout the world

In Europe, millions people follow the rugby. France hosts one of the most important rugby championships. It is called Top 14. Thousands of french fans buy rugby tickets frequently in order to see the best players in the world. Amazing players like Dan Carter or Johnny Wilkinson played in french clubs! In England too, rugby is popular. In terms of popularity and money, football is bigger than rugby. But rugby fans have good arguments! Rugby is full of values, passion and unity. Players are always motivated. Even if a player is suffering, he will play until the end of the match!

New-Zealand, South Africa and Australia played legendary matches. The All Blacks won the World Cup 3 times. That is historical! France is also considered as a big team. They never won the World Cup, but they almost achieved their dream in 2011. The All Blacks stopped them! The next World Cup will take place in Japan in 2019.

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Usefull Informations about Rugby :

Highest governing body World Rugby
Nicknames Rugby, Rugger, Union
First played 1871
Registered players 2,360,000
Clubs 18,630
Contact Full contact
Team members 23 (15 on the field)
Mixed gender Separate competitions
Type Team sport, Outdoor
Equipment Rugby ball
Olympic Part of the Summer Olympic programme in 1900, 1908, 1920 and 1924
Rugby sevens included in 2016