Atletico Madrid Tickets

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Atletico Madrid
23 April 2019

Atlético de Madrid - Valencia

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
Madrid Spain
Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
Madrid | Spain
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Atletico Madrid
27 April 2019

Atlético de Madrid - Valladolid

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
Madrid Spain
Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
Madrid | Spain
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Atletico Madrid
11 May 2019

Atlético de Madrid - Sevilla

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
Madrid Spain
Wanda Metropolitano Stadium
Madrid | Spain
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Atletico Madrid and the Champions League

Talented players went into this team. We can list: Diego Forlan, Kun Aguero, Diego Costa, Diego and also Thibault Courtois. Furthermore, this team has an highly adaptability level. No matter the level of their opponent. Atletico will always be able to put them in difficulties. This winner mentality is mainly because of the leadership of the actual trainer/coach : Diego Simeone. Indeed “El Cholo” succeed to motivate his team in order for them to give more. And it works! With two Champions League finals in four years, Simeone can be proud of his team and tell the whole world about them.

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Atletico Madrid tickets and Fanpass

Think no more about this, go and choose in our tickets store online about Atletico Madrid on our website Fanpass and choose your match. The next Spanish season promises to be a real fight. The Atletico do not want to watch anymore. They want to act. Thus they will have as a goal to win all the trophies of the country and Europe. It seems the number of player inside the team won’t be reduced. That is why they have all their chances to win a cup and by the same times add another line to their track records.

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Indeed with a well Griezmann and a collective as amazing as the biggest European team, the Colchoneros have the resources to realize and fulfill a new wonderful season. In addition, the direct confrontation between them and the FC Barcelona or Real Madrid give the promises to extremely intensive and even more against their Madrid’s opponents. The supporters for sure didn’t forgot the two lost Champions League finals. Don’t miss the next football season of Atletico Madrid tickets. As a result don’t hesitate to come on our web platform, on Fanpass website.