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Usefull informations about music venue :


Music venues can be categorised in a number of ways. Typically, the genre of music played at the venue, whether it is temporary and who owns the venue decide many of the other characteristics.

Permanent or temporary venues

The majority of music venues are permanent; however, there are temporary music venues. An example of a temporary venue would be one constructed for a music festival.


Music venues may be the result of private or public enterprises.


Some venues only promote acts of one particular genre and example of this are opera houses.

Size and capacity

Music venues can be categorised by size and capacity; a small nightclub will often have a much smaller capacity than that of a stadium.

Indoor or outdoor

A bandstand is an example of a small outdoor venue. Bandstands are typically circular or semicircular structures that accommodate musical bands performing outdoor concerts, providing shelter from the weather for the musicians.

Music venues are either outdoor or indoor. Examples of outdoor venues include bandstands and bandshells; such outdoor venues provide minimal shelter for performing musicians and are usually located in parks. A temporary music festival is typically an outdoor venue. Examples of indoor venues include public houses, nightclubs, coffee bars and stadia.

Live or recorded music

Venues can play live music, recorded music, or a combination of the two, depending on the event or time of day. A characteristic of virtually every live music venue is that one or more stages are present.

Admissions policy and opening hours

Venues may be unticketed, casual entry available on the door, or advance tickets only. A dress code may or may not apply.